Matrix AI Network Announces New Staking Opportunities and Bi-Weekly Updates

Matrix AI Network introduces a new staking day for $MAN coins and releases its second bi-weekly report of May 2024, highlighting latest updates.

AI Legal Assistant V2 Beta Test Yields Promising Results

The VAIOT AI Legal Assistant V2 Beta Test concluded with significant improvements and active community engagement, marking a step forward in legal tech.

Highlights from Chiliz Chain Ecosystem Panel Talk #1

Insights from the first Chiliz Chain Ecosystem Panel, featuring discussions on SportFi Ecosystem, Dragon8 Hard Fork, and more.

Lido DAO's New Strategic Proposals: Enhancing the Ethereum Ecosystem

Lido DAO introduces two significant proposals, Lido Alliance and reGOOSE, aimed at refining its objectives and strengthening its Ethereum-aligned ecosystem.

VAIOT Unveils New Developments for Crypto Enthusiasts and Legal Tech Innovators

VAIOT announces product updates enhancing user experience in crypto transactions and contract management, targeting Web3 and traditional businesses.

Binance Enhances Web3 Wallet and Launches Spot Trading Tournament

Binance announces major updates to its Web3 Wallet, introducing new earning features, alongside a competitive spot trading tournament with a substantial reward pool.

Metalet Announces Significant Upgrade to Enhance User Experience

Metalet's latest upgrade introduces a host of new features aimed at improving digital asset management and user interface.

Cryptocurrencies - Questions and Answers

How stake THOL token?

AngelBlock is a new cryptocurrency built on L1 Aleph Zero. Recently, with the introduction of smart contracts on Aleph Zero, AngelBlock launched staking of its native token THOL. In the following paragraphs, we will describe how to stake THOL.

IDO: A New Model for Cryptocurrency Projects Fundraising

What is IDO and its connection to decentralized exchangesRecently, you may have come across the term IDO, especially in the context of decentralized exchanges. IDO, or "Initial Dex Offering," is a new model for raising funds for emerging cryptocurrency...

Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: How They Work and How to Minimize Them

Transaction fees in the world of cryptocurrencies are directed towards miners who verify or add the transaction to the blockchain. Once a transaction is stored within the blockchain network, it is considered confirmed. Transaction fees can vary over...

New cryptocurrencies

Nyan Heroes (nyan)

Price: 0,313457 $

Market Cap: 34 079 300 $

QuantCheck (qtk)

Price: 0,752876 $

Market Cap: 79 428 400 $

tooker kurlson (tooker)

Price: 0,073260 $

Market Cap: 71 018 800 $

Undeads Games (uds)

Price: 0,211339 $

Market Cap: 6 269 460 $

Envision Labs (vis)

Price: 0,098988 $

Market Cap: 5 444 340 $

Zeus Network (zeus)

Price: 0,451947 $

Market Cap: 75 812 000 $