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Recent developments in the blockchain industry have seen Aleph Zero announce the advanced progress of their bridge named MOST, which aims to connect the Aleph Zero blockchain with Ethereum. According to sources, MOST is set to be the primary conduit for Ethereum, facilitating the transfer of external liquidity and stablecoins to Aleph Zero and fostering the growth of DeFi on its platform.

MOST Bridge Development Highlights

The key features of the MOST bridge development include linking Aleph Zero and Ethereum networks, deployment on Testnets and Mainnets, a straightforward and secure design, guardian-based operations, and notably reduced fees for bridging native ETH, stablecoins, and tokens from Ethereum. The source code for MOST is expected to be released publicly in the upcoming weeks, with external audits slated to follow.

Aleph Zero's strategy for bridging does not stop at MOST. It encompasses a broader vision that includes partnerships with Router Protocol, backed by Coinbase, and the previously announced zParachain bridge to the Polkadot ecosystem. These strategic moves are aimed at enhancing interoperability and liquidity within the blockchain space.

Aleph Zero Workshops Conclude with Industry Experts

Moreover, Aleph Zero is wrapping up its workshop series with participation from various industry leaders such as Kintsu, Deutsche Telekom, 10Clouds, and Upcade. The final day's sessions are set to cover a range of topics including DeFi, DePIN and Telco, validating ideas in the blockchain space, and web3 gaming.

Interested parties can join the concluding workshops via a provided Zoom link. These workshops offer an opportunity for attendees to gain insights into several cutting-edge areas within blockchain technology directly from experts in their respective fields.

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