Matrix AI Network Celebrates Chinese New Year with a Giveaway

Matrix AI Network launches a festive giveaway for the Chinese New Year, offering a chance to win digital tokens for participants.

GMX Rolls Out New Features and Announces Epoch 14 Incentives

GMX introduces a cap on staking boost percentage, new order options, and announces the latest incentives for Epoch 14 on Arbitrum.

Forgotten Playland: A New World of Mini-Games Emerges

Unveiling Forgotten Playland, a new mini-game platform set to launch in 2024, promising a diverse array of games for everyone to enjoy.

Radix Announces Project Ignition and Ecosystem Developments

Radix introduces Project Ignition with $10M+ liquidity incentives, alongside updates such as tax integration with Koinly and the launch of Radix Wallet v1.4.0.

Binance Launches New Deals on Earn Wednesday and Expands Trading Options with Dymension

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a chance to capitalize on fresh offerings from Binance, including limited-time deals and new trading options for Dymension (DYM).

Chiliz Celebrates Six Years of Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in Sports

Chiliz marks its 6th anniversary with significant growth in the sports industry, launching a dedicated sports blockchain and engaging millions of users.

Trust Wallet and Manta Network Launch Lunar New Year Campaign with Exclusive NFTs and Token Prizes

Trust Wallet and Manta Network collaborate to celebrate the Lunar New Year, offering participants a chance to win $MANTA tokens and exclusive NFTs.

Mizar Launches MZR Farming Program and Revitalizes DCA Bot Creation Page

Mizar announces an 8 million MZR token distribution for its Farming Program and a major revamp of its DCA bot creation page.

Matrix AI Network Releases Bi-Weekly Report and Introduces MANIA NFT Platform

Matrix AI Network has published its 1st report of February 2024, detailing the latest updates and introducing its AI-powered NFT platform, MANIA.

Kinetix Perpetual Exchange V2 Launches with Enhanced Features and Leverage Options

Kinetix unveils its Perpetual Exchange V2, offering an expanded range of assets, higher leverage, and new order types for improved risk management.

Hackathon Heats Up with New Sponsorship and Exciting Developments

Dappnode joins as a new sponsor for the upcoming hackathon, offering a Dappnode Home i532-4N to the project that best promotes self-hosting and desintermediation.

LILLIUS and Chiliz Unite for a Special Giveaway Event

LILLIUS partners with Chiliz to launch a giveaway event with over $3,000 in prizes, celebrating their collaboration and Chiliz's 6th anniversary.

Cosmos Hub Advances with Partial Set Security and New IBC Applications Repository

Cosmos Hub is set for an upgrade with Partial Set Security while Strangelove introduces the ibc-apps repository for IBC applications.

Binance Expands Offerings with WBETH Flexible Products and DYM Listing

Binance announces the introduction of WBETH Flexible Products and the listing of Dymension (DYM), promising multiple rewards and growth potential for users.

Cardano Community Gears Up for On-Chain Governance and Project Catalyst Developments

The Cardano Community Digest and Project Catalyst updates highlight significant strides in on-chain governance, stake pool spotlights, and community voting.

Winners Announced for Aleph Zero's CTRL+Hack+ZK Hackathon and Koinly Integrates AZERO for Tax Reporting

Aleph Zero's first self-hosted hackathon, CTRL+Hack+ZK, concludes with winners across multiple categories as Koinly integrates AZERO for streamlined tax reporting.

Lido and Obol's Simple DVT Poised for Mainnet After Successful Testnet

Following a successful testnet, Lido x Obol's Simple DVT is set to advance to mainnet, marking a significant milestone in distributed validator technology.

MVC Embarks on a Bold Rebranding Journey with Proposal#24

MVC community gears up for a transformative rebranding initiative as Proposal#24 aims to revolutionize its visual identity in collaboration with Koncepted.

VAIOT Dispels Binance Delisting Confusion and Innovates with New AI Legal Tech Tool

VAIOT clarifies that their token was not delisted from Binance and announces an advancement in legal tech with their new CMS DraftFlow Connector.

Binance Delays Dymension Trading and Monero Reacts to Delisting

Binance postpones the trading of Dymension (DYM) while Monero reaffirms its commitment to privacy following its delisting from the exchange.