Lido Finance Announces Key Updates for April

Lido Finance has revealed their latest updates for April, including new integrations and community-focused initiatives.

Fund12 Launch: A New Opportunity for Innovators

Project Catalyst opens submissions for Fund12, inviting global participants to pitch their innovative ideas and contribute to the Cardano ecosystem.

Highlights from This Week's Best Comments on Aleph Zero's Telegram Channel

Explore the top comments of the week from the Aleph Zero Foundation's Telegram channel, featuring humor, memory, and insight.

Successful Completion of April MZR Farming Program with 11.4 Million Tokens Airdropped

The Mizar Farming program concluded in April, distributing a significant 11.4 million MZR tokens to participants, enhancing user engagement.

BitNote Launches Encrypted Data Storage on Avalanche

BitNote has introduced a new decentralized app on Avalanche for secure storage of sensitive information like passwords and private keys.

Zilliqa Expands Reach with Bit2Me Listing and Enhances EVM Compatibility

Zilliqa's native token ZIL is now available on Bit2Me, expanding its presence in Europe and Latin America, while also enhancing its EVM compatibility.

Advancements in Blockchain Interoperability: Agoric's Orchestration Launch and IBC NFT Transfers

Explore the latest developments in blockchain interoperability featuring Agoric's Orchestration API and the ICS-721 NFT transfer module.

Key Developments in dApp Security and the Upcoming Alephium Builders Meetup

Explore the latest in dApp security enhancements and the announcement of the Alephium Builders Meetup set for June 2024 in Athens.

Exciting Opportunities with Trust Wallet: Million-Diamond Giveaway and Trust Box Collection Sale

Trust Wallet announces a massive giveaway and the launch of the Trust Box Collection, offering daily earnings in Bitcoin.

Recent Developments in Cryptocurrency Ventures: MOCA Sale and Block's Bitcoin Strategy

The MOCA Public Sale concludes with significant oversubscription and funds, while Jack Dorsey's Block continues to expand its Bitcoin holdings.

Binance Expands Offerings with Cloud Mining and New Crypto Products

Binance introduces cloud mining services and adds PYTH to its Simple Earn Locked Products, broadening its financial ecosystem.

The Rising Demand for AI Agent Development Skills

As AI technology advances, tech companies are increasingly seeking individuals skilled in AI Agent development. Learn more about how you can become an early adopter.

April Zealy Sprint Winners Announced; New Campaigns and Listings Stir Excitement

The conclusion of April Zealy Sprint sees new winners, while May promises fresh campaigns and the notable listing of $CSIX on XT.COM.

MVC Network's Strategic Moves in the Asia-Pacific and Passing CertiK Audit

MVC Network is making significant strides with its upcoming co-hosting at Bitget Pizza Palooza and celebrating a successful CertiK audit.

Exciting Opportunities in Cryptocurrency: GoMining Airdrop and NFT Presale

Explore the latest cryptocurrency offerings from GoMining, including an airdrop event and an exclusive NFT presale for whitelisted members.

Revolutionizing AI Infrastructure: The Rise of DePIN and MATRIX Project

Exploring how MATRIX Project's MANTA platform and DePIN are transforming AI development through enhanced accessibility and collaboration.

5IRE Launches Ambassador Program V2 to Empower Web3 Creators

5IRE is seeking enthusiastic web3 creators for its Ambassador Program V2, offering $5ire tokens as rewards for promoting its mission.

Highlights from the April MATRIX AMA Session

CEO Owen TAO of MATRIX AI Network recently addressed community questions in the April AMA session, offering insights and updates.

VAIOT Unveils New Updates to Enhance User Experience and Wallet Integration

VAIOT announces significant updates to improve contract management and wallet integration, enhancing user experience on their platform.

Significant Updates and Expansions in the Rhône Network and Alephium Ecosystem

Recent developments in the Rhône network and Alephium ecosystem highlight technological enhancements and new project launches.