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Articles about cryptocurrencies:
19.4. 2018 20:48

Odyssey (OCN) is a new cryptocurrency, which began as ICO and was finished in January of this year. And in total, they have already proved that they are barely a quarter of a year on the market

18.4. 2018 13:38

Compare cryptocurrenciesBelow you find compare between some cryptocurrencies - compare by Github activity.

I think it shows us nicely how much progress is taking place

13.4. 2018 13:03

Trading with Eletroneum is very risky. It is a young volatile currency with a declining trend. Often I am trading on Kucoin.

Below I will describe how I now translate this currency

5.4. 2018 08:49

Cryptocurrency - what to buy?OCN enjoy me - we start from >100 sat - now is 143sat - but many time we sold and bought again cheaper

31.3. 2018 16:18

CryptocurrenciesWe again bought POWR and GRS. Both are down and we hope that on bottom. For long term POWR price 7000-8000sat, similar for GRS

30.3. 2018 21:47

Cryptocurrency - why go downWhy do I think the current state is a game of bigger fish than we are?

I think the crypto was discovered by people who previously thought it was stupid and would not survive for more than a couple of years

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