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Articles about cryptocurrencies:
19.4. 2018 20:48

Odyssey (OCN) is a new cryptocurrency, which began as ICO and was finished in January of this year. And in total, they have already proved that they are barely a quarter of a year on the market. OBike Partnership - - or the newly planned OCPay service that opens the door to other partners

18.4. 2018 13:38

Compare cryptocurrenciesBelow you find compare between some cryptocurrencies - compare by Github activity.

I think it shows us nicely how much progress is taking place. Leave the results without comment.

The picture will surely make everyone alone

13.4. 2018 13:03

Trading with Eletroneum is very risky. It is a young volatile currency with a declining trend. Often I am trading on Kucoin.

Below I will describe how I now translate this currency. I have two ways.

Trading between Walls

ETN can be nicely traded between walls

5.4. 2018 08:49

Cryptocurrency - what to buy?OCN enjoy me - we start from >100 sat - now is 143sat - but many time we sold and bought again cheaper. Now looks, that strong resistence are on 136sat (last week was 125sat).

Better for us looks too ETN (but they do many mistake I hope, that they repair transactions and communications with community, because this is terrible)

31.3. 2018 16:18

CryptocurrenciesWe again bought POWR and GRS. Both are down and we hope that on bottom. For long term POWR price 7000-8000sat, similar for GRS.

But we put sell like this:

  • POWR - bought - 3959sat, sell 4300sat
  • GRS - bought -  4049sat, sell 4460sat

This is our decision

30.3. 2018 21:47

Cryptocurrency - why go downWhy do I think the current state is a game of bigger fish than we are?

I think the crypto was discovered by people who previously thought it was stupid and would not survive for more than a couple of years

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