Friendz ICO – Power Hour Token Sale

We will add information on the so-called Power Hours Token Sale - part of the investors will be able to buy the Friendz tokens up to 40% cheaper. If it holds a rating of up to 1000, we do not know whether a limited number of investors, or just that position, is the limitation. Anyway, important information for us is that if you buy tokens in Power Hour - you will not be able to handle them normally. They will be closed in a special wallet for one year, and you will be able to choose and freely dispose of them each month.

It is clear what goes on here - Friendz is trying to eliminate the dump prices after the start of trading. If you think Friendz is going to be successful in a few months, it's probably not a problem to HODL these coins. But if you are unsure and prefer to have free hands - it will be better to buy the tokens after the first hour ( 20% bonus - more you find here) - because then sold tokens should be freely tradable immediately after listing on the stock exchange.