Friendz - new ICO from Italy

Friendz ICOFriendz is a new ICO that has a fairly positive rating on various portals (for example dealing with ICO issues. Although I do not always follow similar things, this time I have been examining the time and I've been studying a bit of what Friendz offers and whether he deserves his privilege.

First of all, investment in cryptocurrencies are generally risky and investment in ICO TWICE as much. Remember that. The truth is that it is at ICO that it is possible to evaluate the capital invested most clearly. The greater the risk, the higher the potential profit.

Friendz is a marketing tool

First I was afraid Friendz would be like a new Facebook at Blockchain. The name evoked this idea. The truth is that the primary focus is on marketing services. Social networks also work.

Friendz will help transnational companies engage their community's social community. These users are rewarded for creating content for specific brands and for sharing this content. What I was very interested in was that ICO already has a working product, and it is reportedly already earning approx. € 1 million. It has already 200 clients and 200,000 users. And that's not much. The company has been operating since 2016.

If we understand correctly, the system should work relatively easily. A user (from a community), for example, lets himself take a picture with a tag, sends it to Friendz, where it is verified, and then a reward is credited to this user. We did not investigate the amount and how well the user was rated. For our purposes, it is not much needed.

ICO price

If you are the first one, the price starts at $ 0.048, that is, with a 40% bonus. This is a nice discount. Then the first day will be $ 0.056, so the discount is 20%. The picture will tell you more details:

Friendz ICO price

Now the citation to the business model:
"Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, including brand awareness and product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market research. Friendz community can take part in the activities available on the platform, supporting brands in the process of content creation and validation. The participation is compensated with Friendz Coins that can be spent in Friendz's network of ecommerce platforms and physical stores. "

Update: Tokens bought at Power Hours will be locket for one year. We like more free hands, so we don´t buy Token in Power Hours, but later for example with 20% sale. This tokens will be free immediately. More here.


Refferal program

ICO also has its affiliate program where you can get some tokens for free. You'll even get credits for certain tasks - such as adding to a Telegram group.

Some basic Informations

TOTAL FDZ Supply: 1,500,000,000 FDZ

HARD CAP: 750,000,000 FDZ

MINIMUM GOAL: 50,000,000 FDZ


All unsold coins will be destroyed.

Min. Transaction amount: 0.1 ETH

Whitepaper can be found here.



Friendz ICO



What I like most about this ICO is the fact that it already has a finished product that is even sold. This is certainly positive. As more and more I think this will be the key to the survival of particular cryptos - it will be necessary for a single currency to have a practical use and not just a theory or a dream.

This ICO seems to last for us at this moment - from November to the third ICO we were interested in. And because the investment in ICO is risky, we stick to the rules that other ICO will be, from the previous ICO will be clear whether we are in profit or in loss.