Monero Hard Fork is comming - MoneroV soon

Monero private coin prepare hard forkBecause we bought ETC under 0.0024999, we got profit from this market. We sold ETC at 0.00338000 – 0.0034 BTC. ETC perhaps could rise higher, but cryptomarket was not good, such we know now.

Now we bought Monero. Because new hard fork are comming. Again we not wait for tokens MoneroV. We sell Monero before Hard Fork.

If you are interested in how many MoneroV coins the Monera holders will receive - for 1 XMR you will get 10 MoneroV. Certain clouds above this fork are similar to those of LCC - the need to put wallet keys into a new wallet. Which always involves a risk. As a result, the price increase will probably not be so strong. As yet, no exchange has confirmed the support of this forum (and may not even confirm).

Monero - private coin

Monero is interesting. I do not expect a similar increase to EMC2 or NXT. Even though the volume is high here and it's not going to go so easy. On the other hand, the risk of loss at the current price of around 0.02870 BTC is low. Regularly, Monero climbs to 0.030 BTC. If Moner wants the market, I expect the price of 0.033 - 0.034. If Monero cross 0.034, rise can be bigger.

But in the future, Monero is similar to NEO. Certainly, this is a cryptocurrency suitable for HODL if someone prefers. This coin is based on privacy and, in many ways, these coins will be desirable in the future.

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