Today's situation on the cryptomarket

BinanceAfter yesterday's spanking of the latest FUD about Binance, which turned out to be misleading - Binance was not hacked, but the users jumped to the trick of hackers and filed their access data into phishing sites - in time they collected enough APIs to create the biggest PUMPs of the coin, weeks back. The price is below $ 10,000. We assume that it will take a couple of days to get to the original level.


Friendz ICO – Power Hour Token Sale

We will add information on the so-called Power Hours Token Sale - part of the investors will be able to buy the Friendz tokens up to 40% cheaper. If it holds a rating of up to 1000, we do not know whether a limited number of investors, or just that position, is the limitation. Anyway, important information for us is that if you buy tokens in Power Hour - you will not be able to handle them normally.