Ethereum Classic rumor - will be list on Coinbase?

There are rumors that ETC will be list on CoinBase. These reports have been back for two months. The fact that it's here again tells me that it is - might be - possible. If that were the case, then in combination with running ETC's Airdrop, a functional project, and other news - it could have sharpened the price.


Ethereum Classic and Oyster PRL - Airdrop and Coins burning

Ethereum classicJanuary was marked by a certain correction that lasted (perhaps even persists) to the present day. The beginning of January was positive for many currencies - TRON, VeChain, Ethereum, etc. At that time we were looking for ETC - Ethereum Classic, which is preparing a lot of news and making coins free of charge in March - it usually works well if you want to increase the price of the crypt.


Bitcoin finally are growing and Total Market Cap too

Total Market Cap is growing steadily, not step by step. Also, there is a slowly decreasing volume of NBT, an allergen to Tether. After a long time, the combination of two positive signals. If we continue this trend for at least two days, and the BTC will exceed $ 8,000, we're probably going to be out of the worst out there but hard to predict.


Real usability - this cryptocurreny will make it worthwhile

What will be more important in the future for the positive price development of the cryptocurrency? Whether this currency will be used in real terms will enable people to do things, not just to program things, but also to sell the products and make them real use. Things such as anonymity, decentralization etc.