OCN and OCPay

Odyssey (OCN) is a new cryptocurrency, which began as ICO and was finished in January of this year. And in total, they have already proved that they are barely a quarter of a year on the market. OBike Partnership - https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=32549 - or the newly planned OCPay service that opens the door to other partners.

OCPay is quite an interesting thing. Originally it was thought that it would only be a wallet for the OCN, but it looks like a pay platform.

Overall, OCPay is nicely described at this web site. Interestingly, in GitHub you can see that it should be a version of HTML5, Android version, and so on. API. In addition, it was confirmed on Twitter today that Odyssey will really launch OCPay - a mobile payment platform using OCNs. This is a very good news. More informations is here.

OCN I bought in January, of course the price was much higher than today. ATH is at 1000s. Today's price is 146s. OCN sold during February. And he waited when he was down. It has arrived sometime in the middle of March. At that point I bought at a price under 100 sat. Practically during the week the price has risen to 160s. I sold around 150s. I bought the OCN at a price of 114ats. Now I have set stoploss on 140sat and sale for approx. 200sat.

Perhaps someone will be surprised by the high value of the crash. The reason is simple. According to coinmarketcal.com, OCN plans to send 2 billion Coins to ICO investors. Which is quite a nice example, as these investors perceive. Anyway, it will be free. So, I would not be surprised if most of the coins, or a large part, appeared on the stock exchange. That would definitely reduce the price.

The important thing is that OCN is not yet a Binance, Bittrex, etc. It is Huobi, but there is a rumor about making Binance. This could be a nice incentive for price growth.

Although I appreciate it quite positively and I do not like the fact that I like this Singapore project, it is still a very young "shitcoin". The risk to such cryptosomes is higher. On the other hand, the profit can be in the line. Still, I would be cautious. I personally do not have tens of percent of the portfolio, but the smaller part of it. If he really does, then it will be enough to evaluate even the few percent of the portfolio.