Today's situation on the cryptomarket

BinanceAfter yesterday's spanking of the latest FUD about Binance, which turned out to be misleading - Binance was not hacked, but the users jumped to the trick of hackers and filed their access data into phishing sites - in time they collected enough APIs to create the biggest PUMPs of the coin, weeks back. The price is below $ 10,000. We assume that it will take a couple of days to get to the original level. Of course, if someone does not intend to release a mega headline such as BAN in Japan, Bittrex hacked,

At this point, it looks like stabilization of the Cryptothorus and Bitcoin prizes. When the emotion subsides, we can each make prognosis again.


Shorts vs Longs from our PRO account - cryptosignals

Volume, ASKs and BIDs graph of BTC from PRO account - cryptosignals