Why I still HOLD cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency - why go downWhy do I think the current state is a game of bigger fish than we are?

I think the crypto was discovered by people who previously thought it was stupid and would not survive for more than a couple of years. And that it would be profitable. Last year, however, they found out that big money can be made - stocks against it, the commodity market too (except for butter). I suppose these institutions and people do not want to spend extra crown. So they wanted the price down, and with crypto it's pretty easy. Just buy it from "weak hands". A couple of correct FUD messages, twitterate, occasionally post in the right media and that's it. Remember - often FUD was coming at a time when it looked optimistic. And we were back again.

Let's recall FUD recently

  • Ban in South Korea - repeated several times and revoked
  • Ban in India - FUD since the end of last year, again reminded this year
  • Ban in China - Not even the best hockey batter get so many ban as a crypto in China
  • Token on Binance stolen - it was a direct sample of FUD - Binance was not stolen, but the API keys were misused; it probably went across the Binance site with dotted sites. Hackers collected data from people who registered there. The other option considered is that the third-party application was attacked (I think it's very real).
  • The last FUD again Ban of China - I do not know why to react yet
  • FUD - which I think is not FUD - ban on social networks and Google - so if something goes down I do not know. It may well be good, but I find it slightly discriminatory. You can also present very advantageous loans on these sites and I would say that you will earn more than the crypt (and more securely)


Certainly I forgot some FUDs. What can be summed up is that, with only a few exceptions, it was an incomplete or even lying message. One stolen stock was. But it did less damage than these untrue reports.

And now good news, why I believe it is a temporary state

  • Whether you like Ripple or not, it cooperates - testing - its technology with dozens of banks - why they would spend money if they did not consider this solution to be somehow usable - I deliberately do not address the actual use of XRP here. I'm more concerned with the fact that these banks suggest that cryptotechnology is useful to them
  • Goldman Sachs with its subsidiary recently bought Poloniex - GS I think well thinking about what to invest
  • With a blockchain, he is reported to be starting to play Google - I did not examine it in detail, but I would not be surprised. Then he starts advertising his new super product.
  • France is preparing legislation, it would like to become the leading financial center for the crypt - it is a certain regulation, but also for the protection of investors, we, those who invest in the crypt, I do not know why people like FUD. It's the opposite for me.
  • Bitfinex added GBP and JPY pair
  • "CBOE urges SEC to move forward with Bitcoin ETFs" - it's definitely not the case - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cboe-etf-bitcoin/cboe-urges-us-regulators-to-move- forward-with-bitcoin-etfs-idUSKBN1H224L
  • The G20 has sent us a clear signal that the countries are friendly to the crypt and which we do not know China
  • Most of the patents touching the crypt in the past year received China - interesting, considering the crypt is considered illegal
  • FIFA 2018 - will accept BTC - nothing against, but enough money is being spent on these events. The real use of the crypt rises and that's the main thing.
  • Microsoft is very friendly to the crypt - "Microsoft has announced that it will embrace public blocks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for use in decentralized identity systems."
  • Unsampled so far, but I think we'll wait one day - Ebay could accept crypt
  • Prestashop Supports Cryptomenius Payment - Beware Of Those Who Do Not Know - It's One Of The Most Popular Free Eshop Solutions - It's built a lot of eshops. A portfolio where crypt may simply be much wider
  • There are new Tethers ready - the one who's so nice to prepare, I'm supposed to use at the right time.
  • It did not sound so much in the crypt world - but it is estimated that the crypto market has raised Japan's GDP by 0.3% - but do not be surprised that other states are beginning to think about cryptocurrencies. And that's still a fairly small market.
  • The crypto is still in the consciousness of the people - billionaires enter the cryptosphere.

In conclusion, it does not matter if you or the crypt believe you or me. More importantly, if the right institutions, businesses, and people are starting to believe.


Translated by Google Translater