Wool trading with Electroneum

Trading with Eletroneum is very risky. It is a young volatile currency with a declining trend. Often I am trading on Kucoin.

Below I will describe how I now translate this currency. I have two ways.

Trading between Walls

ETN can be nicely traded between walls. If you make any of these, you can be more confident that it will not go over them. See picture.

Here is a strong sell order at 300sat level. On the contrary, a strong buy order on 290sat. So my sell i buy orders will be in between. Buy I'm probably set to 293-294s. Sell on the contrary between 298-299s. It's not much, about. 1%. But in a short time, if it's just a volume, you can do it several times, maybe 5x. And you have + 5% at the end. If it is still too small for someone, do so every day with more coins. It really does not pay to practice with 10 ETNs.

Grab your pump

At ETN it is still possible to catch quite a regular pump of 10 or more percent. Even this bear days. Just follow the news and have the sell order set up correctly. I'm doing it so I've bought, for example, today is the price 267sat. I buy and set my sell to + x% - depending on how long I want to wait. Because I am now expecting a pump after I hit HitBTC and Apple apps, I have it split. 40% of tokens are given for approx. + 20% and 40% to + 40%. The rest to + 80% if by chance. But that's unlikely. Once the tokens are sold, I do not set the original price. It is possible that I will wait many times. Because the total level for the coin rises and thus the willingness to spend at the original prices. There will be a lot of those who buy + 40%, and they will not want to sell at anytime with a -40% loss. It is good to keep track of how much decline is going on and whether the foundation goes on. I do not expect ETN to do so, so I'm going to set the buy for half of the planned profit -10%, -20%.

I have first sell order on 367sat, and buy will be perhaps 325-330sat.

And we will see :)

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In any case, I do not like anyone here how to trade, or what to do with your capital. Everyone decides for themselves and is not responsible for it. I describe how I do, and I occasionally skirt :)

If someone does not agree with this, calmly. He should write on his website and enrich us.