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19.4.2023 damian

How stake THOL token?

AngelBlock is a new cryptocurrency built on L1 Aleph Zero. Recently, with the introduction of smart contracts on Aleph Zero, AngelBlock launched staking of its native token THOL. In the following paragraphs, we will describe how to stake THOL.

There are two options for purchasing THOL tokens:

Visit Uniswap and exchange your favorite tokens for THOL (decentralized option).Visit the MEXC exchange and get THOL through the USDT/THOL trading pair.

The following instructions will show you how to stake THOL tokens:

Make sure you have THOL and/or NFT in your wallet; otherwise, you will not have access to the Staking interface.Visit the AngelBlock $THOL Token page.Click Connect wallet in the top-right corner of the page.Select MetaMask.If you have multiple accounts in MetaMask, choose the account you want to connect and click Next.If prompted, switch to the Ethereum Mainnet network and click on Switch network to confirm the change.Click Sign and wait a moment for the connection process to complete.A successful connection to the AngelBlock Protocol is indicated in the top right corner by the wallet address you connected. Now you will have access to the Staking interface.

Before staking THOL tokens, be aware:

Currently, THOL can only be staked on Ethereum.Make sure you have some ETH to pay the gas fee for your staking transaction.Staking rewards are accrued daily and automatically reinvested.You can stake THOL and NFTs together in a single transaction to save on transaction fees.

To stake THOL tokens:

Visit the AngelBlock page.Make sure you are on the Stake interface (not Unstake).Enter the desired amount of THOL to stake and click Approve staking to allow AngelBlock access to your THOL. In MetaMask, set a spending limit for THOL (simply click on "default value". Or set the same amount of tokens you want to stake) or allow unlimited spending and click Next. Review and click Approve. (Enter only a number that you are comfortable with the contract spending now or in the future. You can always increase the spending limit later).Back in the THOL Staking interface, click Stake.Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.You will see your staked THOL in the Recent Transactions section below. It may take a few moments for the transaction to complete and for the AngelBlock Staking dashboard to update.

To unstake THOL tokens:

Visit the AngelBlock $THOL Token page.Click on Unstake to access the Unstake interface (not Stake).Enter the desired amount of THOL to unstake and click Unstake.Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.You will see your unstaked THOL in the Recent Transactions section below. It may take a few moments for the transaction to complete and for the AngelBlock Staking dashboard to update.Your unstaked THOL is queued and will be available for release after the unlocking period ends (10 days).After the 10 days, click on Release $THOL to credit the tokens to your wallet.Confirm the transaction in MetaMask, and you will receive the THOL tokens in your wallet.


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