Pulsechain PLS
The current exchange rate: 0.00016 USD
Vývoj za 1h: 0.71 %
Vývoj za 24h: -5.48 %
Vývoj za 7 dnů: -40.33 %
Marketcap: 2 363 200 000 USD
Total supply: 135 000 000 000 000 PLS

About Pulsechain

PulseChain is a cryptocurrency project that aims to provide an energy-efficient, cheaper, and faster alternative to Ethereum. It is essentially an Ethereum fork that burns transaction fees, making it more cost-effective for users. The project's focus on energy efficiency is particularly noteworthy, as it addresses one of the major concerns surrounding blockchain technology. With its improved features, PulseChain is poised to become a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts looking for a more efficient and cost-effective option.

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