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Binance Launches New Layer 2 #opBNB Live on CarbonBrowser

According to recent posts on the official @trycarbonio account, Binance, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, has launched its new layer 2 #opBNB. This innovative scalability layer is now live on the #CarbonBrowser platform. The opBNB Layer aims to optimize low gas fees and introduce a new reward system, enhancing the overall user experience. The system operates on the @BNBCHAIN and is expected to help in the continued building of $CSIX and #BNB. More details can be found on this tweet:

Kucoin Celebrates with a 100,000 $CSIX Giveaway

In other cryptocurrency news, Kucoin is celebrating a series of milestones with a generous giveaway. The celebration comes after the IDO Vesting ended and #CSIX emerged as one of the top gainers recently. Additionally, @trycarbonio is set to release its iOS app soon. As part of the celebration, Kucoin is giving away 100,000 $CSIX. Those interested in participating in the giveaway can find more information here:

Carbon Announces Partnership with zkDX

Carbon, the browser supporting the new Binance layer 2 #opBNB, has announced a partnership with zkDX. zkDX is a cutting-edge derivatives exchange of liquidity mode built on #zkSync. This partnership will strengthen both platforms' offerings and contribute to their growth in the cryptocurrency market. Carbon is also hosting a giveaway to celebrate this partnership. More details about the partnership and giveaway can be found at:

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