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KuCoin Engages in Fireside Chat with VAIOT

According to a recent tweet from KuCoin, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform is set to have a fireside chat with VAIOT, a firm focused on revolutionizing legal services through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. As part of the event, KuCoin announced a $1000 giveaway in $VAI, with 10 winners set to benefit. To participate, interested individuals are required to follow @kucoincom and @VAIOT_LTD on Twitter, retweet the announcement and tag two friends, fill out a form, and join the space. A link was provided for setting reminders for this anticipated event.

KuCoin AMA Session with VAIOT

In addition to the fireside chat, KuCoin also plans to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with VAIOT. This information was relayed through a tweet which noted that the session is scheduled for 11:00 AM on August 21, 2023 (UTC). The total reward for this event is a whopping 26,400 VAI. The AMA venue was listed as Interested parties were encouraged to join the pre-AMA activity by following more details provided in a link.

VAIOT's Progress in AI Legal Assistant Development

On another front, VAIOT recently made an update on its AI Legal Assistant development. As per their tweet, VAIOT has shifted from using Stuff to Refine documents chain in LangChainAI, a framework that simplifies the creation of apps using LLMs. This move has greatly improved the Assistant's ability to reference information and provide answers. The tweet included a link for more details about their progress in this innovative venture.

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