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Today News: Trust Wallet Integrates Base Mainnet and Offers Easy Crypto Staking

19.8.2023 08:04 | Author: Editor

Trust Wallet Supports Base Mainnet

Trust Wallet, a popular digital wallet, has announced its support for Base Mainnet. This development allows users to explore the BASE ecosystem through Trust Wallet. The integration of Base, a low-cost, open-source layer 2 blockchain, into Trust Wallet is a significant step forward for both platforms. Users can get started by following the instructions provided on the Trust Wallet's blog. In addition, Trust Wallet users are encouraged to stay connected and updated by joining the conversations on various platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Earning Crypto with Staking in Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet has made it super easy for its users to earn crypto through staking. The digital wallet offers a wide range of options with competitive APR percentages. Trust Wallet is continuously adding more options to provide its users with the best possible returns on their staking. Interested individuals can learn more about how to start earning through staking on Trust Wallet's platforms. The company also maintains active communities on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where users can engage and stay updated.

Whitelist Spots Filled for Upcoming Round

In an astonishing turn of events, all the whitelist spots for an undisclosed event have already been filled. Over 11,000 people signed up for these spots showing a high level of interest and engagement from the community. While this round of whitelist spots has been filled, those who missed out need not worry. The company has assured that they will be opening another round soon. As always, interested parties are encouraged to stay updated by following Trust Wallet's announcements on their various communication channels.

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