VeChain has recently announced a significant update to its ecosystem, implementing a range of new features and tools aimed at enhancing user experience and developer engagement. The platform's latest 'Marketplace-as-a-Service' offering, Node Infrastructure, Software Development Kit, and additional updates have been detailed in their December tech update. This information was shared through the official VeChain Medium blog post.

Transition to VeWorld App

According to the blog post, the VeWorld mobile app has garnered substantial attention, amassing over 210,000 installations across both Apple and Android devices. With the VechainThor mobile wallet set to be deprecated after December 31st, users are urged to switch to VeWorld and migrate their wallets. Comprehensive migration instructions, including video tutorials, are available to assist users with this process.

New Discover Tab and dApp Integration

The impending release of the 'Discover' tab in VeWorld is poised to bring the app to core feature parity with the older mobile wallet version. This enhancement will enable users to effortlessly locate and interact with their preferred dApps directly through the VeWorld wallet. Moreover, the debut of the official dApp Kit promises a streamlined integration process for future dApps, requiring minimal coding effort for developers to leverage VeWorld's advanced wallet infrastructure.

Enhanced Purchasing Options and Ledger Live Integration

VeChain has also integrated Coinbase Pay's fiat on-ramp, allowing users to purchase VET straight from the VeWorld app—introducing a new capability within the ecosystem. The integration efforts continue as they plan to incorporate Coinify as another fiat on-ramp option. Additionally, full integration with Ledger Live is anticipated in the latter half of December, enabling comprehensive management of VET and VTHO on the Ledger Live platform. Users will be able to buy VET through Coinify directly on Ledger Live and securely store their assets on the platform post-purchase.

Ongoing Enhancements

VeChain remains committed to expanding user options for fiat transactions by continually evaluating various on-ramps and fiat service providers. Their goal is to offer users more choices while ensuring competitive transaction rates. The December tech update marks another stride in VeChain's ongoing efforts to refine its blockchain solutions and cater to a growing user base.
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