Radix Ecosystem Celebrates dApps and Explores MoveVM & Radix Engine Synergies

The Radix Ecosystem Fund announces milestone rewards for dApps, as discussions on the technical commonalities between MoveVM and Radix Engine surface.

Cosmos Ecosystem Advances with Warp v2 and CosmWasm Tracing Tool

Cosmos introduces Warp v2 for enhanced decentralized automation, while CosmWasm developers gain a new tracing tool for improved debugging on Terra.

Trust Wallet SWIFT Enhances Security and Flexibility for Users

Trust Wallet introduces Passkeys for enhanced security and recoverability, along with flexible gas fee payment options with 200+ tokens.

Red Kite and Crypto Hunters Game Forge Strategic IDO Partnership

Red Kite collaborates with Crypto Hunters Game on their upcoming IDO, integrating with a TV show and setting the stage for an immersive crypto gaming experience.

Chiliz Chain's Tokenomic Evolution and Expanding Partnerships in Sports

Chiliz Chain is advancing its tokenomics for sustainable growth, while onboarding leading sports teams like PSG and K League for enhanced fan engagement.

The Art of Storytelling in Crypto Investments: Insights from Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, shares his perspective on the importance of storytelling in the valuation and success of crypto tokens.

Hover's Market Launch Sparks Overwhelming Support with $8M Raised in DAO Maker Public Sale

The recent DAO Maker public sale for Hover concluded with a stunning $8M in deposits, indicating strong market anticipation for the full launch.

Cryptocurrencies - Questions and Answers

How stake THOL token?

AngelBlock is a new cryptocurrency built on L1 Aleph Zero. Recently, with the introduction of smart contracts on Aleph Zero, AngelBlock launched staking of its native token THOL. In the following paragraphs, we will describe how to stake THOL.

IDO: A New Model for Cryptocurrency Projects Fundraising

What is IDO and its connection to decentralized exchangesRecently, you may have come across the term IDO, especially in the context of decentralized exchanges. IDO, or "Initial Dex Offering," is a new model for raising funds for emerging cryptocurrency...

Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: How They Work and How to Minimize Them

Transaction fees in the world of cryptocurrencies are directed towards miners who verify or add the transaction to the blockchain. Once a transaction is stored within the blockchain network, it is considered confirmed. Transaction fees can vary over...

New cryptocurrencies

ZOO Crypto World (zoo)

Price: 0,000550 $

Market Cap: 0 $

Zone of Avoidance (zoa)

Price: 0,000181 $

Market Cap: 0 $

Zion (zion)

Price: 0,000021 $

Market Cap: 0 $

Zin (zin)

Price: 0,000256 $

Market Cap: 0 $

ZilStream (stream)

Price: 0,003615 $

Market Cap: 0 $

Zibu (zibu)

Price: 0,000000 $

Market Cap: 0 $

ZhaoDaVinci (vini)

Price: 0,000000 $

Market Cap: 0 $


Price: 0,000090 $

Market Cap: 0 $

ZEUS AI (zeus)

Price: 0,001140 $

Market Cap: 0 $