The Graph
Symbol: grt
Last update: February 24, 2024, 2:09 am CET
Current Price (USD): 0,26 $
Price (BTC): 0,00000673 BTC

The Graph is a cryptocurrency project that provides an indexing protocol for efficiently organizing blockchain data and making it easily accessible through GraphQL. With The Graph, developers can build groundbreaking applications without the need for database maintenance, infrastructure management, or raw data parsing. The project offers a competitive data market to reduce costs and time spent running expensive infrastructure and ensures 24/7 uptime with a globally distributed network of contributors. The use of subgraphs provides speedy access to indexed data, making it easier for developers and data consumers to access blockchain data. With tens of thousands of developers relying on The Graph, users can explore a rich ecosystem of community-created subgraphs or build their own.

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Fully Diluted Valuation ⓘ: 1 518 780 000 $

Market Data

Rank: 45
24h Volume: 258 057 000 $
Market Cap: 2 464 490 000 $
Total Supply: 10 788 000 000
Circ. Supply: 0
Last update: 2024-02-24 02:09:26
Price Change (1h):
-2.05713 %
Price Change (24h):
-4.66077 %
Price Change (7d):
34.6099 %

Social Media and Sources

ATH Price: 2.84 $ (2021-02-12 07:28:45)
% from ATH: -94.658 %
ATL Price: 0.052051 $ (2022-11-22 10:05:03)
% from ATL: 191.627 %
ICO Price: N/A (2023-11-25 12:50:33)
Hashing Algorithm: N/A
Type of Proof: N/A

Technical analysis according to the website


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Sam Green and Tomasz Kornuta of Semiotic Labs, core developers of The Graph, have provided an overview of past, present, and future AI efforts in the network. The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing blockchain data, making it available for querying in various applications such as dapp frontends, plots, dashboards, and data analytics. By leveraging AI, The Graph aims to improve automation within the network and lower the barrier to entry for accessing its rich web3 data. The Graph uses incentive mechanisms to encourage opti

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