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Recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry have brought to light both the challenges and advancements within the sector. Ledger's CEO Pascal Gauthier has publicly addressed a security exploit involving their Ledger Connect Kit, while Manta Network has announced a unique opportunity for Ethereum users to earn yield on Layer 2.

Ledger Responds to Security Exploit

According to a letter from Pascal Gauthier, Chairman and CEO of Ledger, the company experienced a security breach due to a phishing attack on a former employee. The attack enabled unauthorized access that resulted in the upload of malicious code to Ledger’s NPMJS, a Javascript package manager. Collaborating with WalletConnect, Ledger resolved the issue by removing the harmful code within 40 minutes of its detection. Gauthier emphasized that this incident underlines the necessity for continuous enhancement of security measures.

For more details on Gauthier's statement and how Ledger tackled the exploit, readers can refer to the company's official blog post linked in the sources.

Manta Network Unveils New Yield-Generating Platform

On a more positive note, Manta Network has introduced an innovative live Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) platform that offers native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Users are invited to deposit ETH and USDC, participate actively in the network, and earn rewards through Lucky Boxes. The deposit period for this initiative is scheduled to remain open until January 2024.

The process involves bridging and depositing cryptocurrencies to earn yield and collect Manta Box Pieces. Participants can then farm STONE and wUSDM within 24 hours on the Manta Pacific L2. Additionally, MANTA token rewards can be claimed using NFTs until the end of the deposit period. After 69 days, users have the option to withdraw their ETH and USDC.

For those interested in joining Manta Network's ecosystem and taking advantage of this opportunity, more information can be found on their official Twitter announcement included in the sources.

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