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The digital asset space is abuzz with anticipation as the MOST bridge, a significant piece of infrastructure designed to connect the Aleph Zero and Ethereum networks, nears its final stages before a Mainnet release. Sources close to the development have shared that internal audits are being finalized, and guardian onboarding is nearing completion. The Testnet release of MOST to both Aleph Zero and Ethereum is scheduled for weeks 12–13 of 2024.

External Audit to Set the Stage for Mainnet Launch

An external audit, a crucial step in ensuring the security and functionality of the bridge, is planned to commence on March 19th. This process is expected to last approximately two weeks and could significantly influence the timing of the Mainnet release. The importance of this audit cannot be understated, as it directly impacts the security assurance of the bridge - a top priority for the developers.

Progressive Steps Towards a Secure Deployment

Following the internal audit and guardian onboarding, a final-stage Quality Assurance (QA) phase will take place. This series of rigorous checks aims to ensure that MOST is ready for its highly anticipated Mainnet release. Developers have emphasized that while they are eager to launch, they will not compromise on security or performance standards.

Community Engagement and Information Transparency

In an effort to keep stakeholders informed, a detailed breakdown of the development plan and progress towards the Mainnet release has been published on Cardinal's blog. The team encourages community members to engage with their content by liking and reposting updates on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Collaborative Ventures in Technology

In related news, Aleph Zero has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom for an event hosted by Generation Infinity. The collaboration underscores the ongoing partnerships between established tech giants and innovative blockchain projects. The session was made accessible online, with listeners invited to tune in through Twitter's live audio feature, although it's worth noting that users were reminded to enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser for uninterrupted access.

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