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Tight Competition in VAI Trading

With a little over two and a half days left on the VAI trading competition, hosted on KuCoin, the contest is reportedly getting fierce. This information was shared via a tweet from the official VAIOT Twitter account. The competition is being held on KuCoin, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders are actively participating and are wished luck by the VAIOT team. For more information about the competition, one can visit the KuCoin website or the given link in the tweet.

Upcoming AMA with KuCoin for French Speakers

In another tweet from VAIOT, they have extended an invitation for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with KuCoin. However, this particular session is exclusively for French speakers. The AMA will take place on KuCoin's official Telegram and Twitter handles. The date has yet to be announced but interested individuals are advised to stay tuned to their official channels for updates. This event marks another in a series of AMAs that VAIOT has been conducting to engage with their community.

AI Legal Assistant Streamlining Legal Endeavors

VAIOT is not just about trading competitions and AMAs. They are also actively involved in developing innovative solutions like their AI Legal Assistant. According to a tweet by VAIOT, this AI assistant is designed to streamline an array of legal endeavors by understanding relevant laws and regulations, generating drafts, and recommending adjustments based on template comparisons. The ultimate aim is to save users time. This development showcases VAIOT’s commitment to leveraging technology to ease complex processes.

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